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WFUV is well-know for producing some of the best broadcasters in the industry. From Vin Scully to Michael Breen to Spero Dedes, the list is extraordinary. Three prominent alums in the media capital of the world joined One on One Live from Radio Row on Thursday and Friday to give their take on a New York Super Bowl as well as what Seattle and Denver must do to take home the prize. 

Matt Moro and I caught up with WFAN's Paul Dottino on Thursday. Dottino, who usually serves as the Giants beat reporter spent the week covering and analyzing the Seattle Seahawks. He described, however, why Seattle won't be the ones receiving the Lombardi Trophy. 

On Friday, DJ Sixsmith and Kenny Ducey sat down with the voice of the Giants, Bob Papa. Papa, also known for his work on Boxing After Dark, previewed the biggest matchups for Sunday.

Finally, also on Friday, Nick Kostos joined DJ and Kenny to give a different perspective - why defense wins championship. Kostos, a jack of all trades, is the executive producer of Schien on Sports, as well as a lead writer for Bleacher Report and the host of MMWTF on Sirius Radio. 

To listen to all the interviews please click the links below. 

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