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On August 26 at 9 PM HBO premiered "Glickman" a documentary by James Freedman about the life of broadcaster Marty Glickman. Marty was special to all of us here at WFUV, especially the students he taught in a 12-year period between 1988-2000. 
Spero Dedes. Marty's final Fordham pupil, and current student DJ Sixsmith talk with Producer/Director James Freedman about his association with Marty, which began as a 17-year old high school student, They talk about the reason for making the documentary and what it was like to put the film together.
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Nolan Silbernagel and Matt Rosenfeld sat down with Buster Olney of the ESPN family of networks and asked him all questions regarding the recent suspensions of players tied to taking performance enhancing drugs. Olney gives his take as to whether or not this past Monday, which was when 12 players were suspended for taking PED’s, was a good or bad day for baseball, if he was surprised only Alex Rodriguez appealed the suspension, and if he expects the penalties to get tougher against players using PED’s.

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Johnny Manziel has made the headlines again this week but for all the wrong reasons.  He allegedly received a significant amount of money for signing memorabilia earlier this year.  The NCAA is looking into the situation, and Len Robbins of the New York Post offered his opinions on Manziel and the situation.

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Award winning writer Paul Hagen joined Mack Rosenberg and Kelly Kultys on One on One. Hagen, just a week removed from receiving the J.G Taylor Spink Award by the Baseball Writers’ Association at the Baseball Hall of Fame, gave his insights on the Biogenesis case. 

He covered all aspects of the case especially Alex Rodriguez. Hagen broke down the different routes Major League Baseball could take in suspending A-Rod. He also discussed what it would take for the MLB and Rodriguez’s team to reach a settlement.

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Bob Costas, the legendary broadcaster on MLB Network, was kind enough to sit down with Nolan Silbernagel and I for an exclusive interview about all things baseball on hall of fame weekend. Bob spoke about the game today and what it means for him to be at the hall of fame this year with no current players being inducted. 
We also tackled the issues of baseball today, the predominant one being steroids and what the future will be like for guys like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez. Costas also looked on the bright side in touching on the young stars of the game today like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and others.
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As part of our series of interviews on Hall of Fame Weekend, Mack Rosenberg and Nolan Silbernagel talked to Jim Gates and Tim Wiles about the new book released by the Baseball Hall of Fame:  “Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame.” Jim is the Librarian and Tim is the Director of Research and both were major contributors to the book, which is filled with photos of artifacts, some not currently on display, and the history behind them.

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Jeff Idelson is the president of the national baseball hall of fame, and while many fans probably don't know who he is, he has a profound impact on what goes on in baseball these days. He spoke with myself and Nolan Silbernagel about many things including his day-to-day job functions. Idelson was also outspoken about no players being inducted into the hall of fame this year, and while the hall wants players to be inducted every year, he doesn't believe it is a necessity every year.

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Paul Hagen has been a sportswriter for nearly 40 years, covering the Dodgers, Rangers, and then the Phillies for 25 years before moving to his current role as national writer for He covers the office of commissioner Budy Selig, and we sat down with him prior to the ceremony to talk about his career and contributions to the game. Hagen also talked to us about PEDs and what the commissioner is doing to change the game for the better.

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Dr. Frank Jobe, was joined for this interview by his former patient Tommy John. Jobe operated on John back in 1974 and developed what became known as Tommy John surgery, forever changing the fate of pitchers who had injured elbows. Jobe and John took us back to the mid-seventies when the two first met and decided to go through with the surgery. It began a budding friendship that still exists today. 

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With the Wimbledon about to wrap up, WFUV’s Nolan Silbernagel and Kris Venezia talked with the Daily News’s Filip Bondy about the tournament. We talked about the surprising early round upsets and the future of American tennis.

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