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This week On Deck, Tara Sledjeski and Anthony Pucik take an in-depth look at the New York Yankees and Mets. The Mets have been on fire, but they now face new questions about Travis d'Arnaud's future behind the plate as the catcher deals with another injury. Meanwhile, the Yankees have struggled and there are talks of Luis Severino heading back to the minors. Tara and Anthony also take a look at what is happening around baseball and share who they think are the best hitter and pitcher in the sport. 

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Tara Sledjeski, David Balick and Dan Bradley take a look around the MLB this week On Deck. They discuss the red-hot offense of the New York Mets and also the struggling offense of the New York Yankees. The three finish the show by looking around baseball and seeing what teams off to hot and cold starts will continue their current paces for the season. 

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On this shorthanded edition of Five on Three, Anthony Pucik and Matt Murphy look back on the first few games of the Stanley Cup playoffs, where they were right and where they were wrong in their predictions, and how they believe the first round will play out for the Rangers and Islanders.

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On this edition of Five on Three, Anthony Pucik, Matt Murphy and David Balick take a look at the Stanley Cup playoff picture. They make in depth predictions for the first round and make their choice of who will go all the way to the final and win the Stanley Cup.

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