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For the thirteenth consecutive year, WFUV talks to the members of the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Staten Island Yankees in the Short Season Single-A Penn League about the trails and tribulations of being minor league ballplayers. The long bus rides, the low pay, 76 games in 80 days. This is a look into Life in the Minors: How the Other Half Lives.

This week, Matt's Moro and Rosenfeld look at how players from around the country get to know one another and form a cohesive unit.

Hear Life in the Minors every week on WFUV's One on One, Saturday's at 2:50pm.

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Last weekend before the NHL Draft, Kenny Ducey spoke with Chris Botta at a Sports Management Worldwide conference about the Islanders' upcoming move to Brooklyn.

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With the Wimbledon about to wrap up, WFUV’s Nolan Silbernagel and Kris Venezia talked with the Daily News’s Filip Bondy about the tournament. We talked about the surprising early round upsets and the future of American tennis.

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Nolan Silbernagel and Kris Venezia sat down with columnist for Matthew Leach to talk about the state of the Yankees.  Leach weighed in on his thoughts about how the team has performed so far, what having Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter back will do for the Pinstripes, and who the first half MVP of the Bronx Bombers has been so far this year.

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